>Andy May 2009

>I am sooo glad I am doing this blog. Andy’s baby book is just about empty. I was so good about keeping up with Suzy’s book. Hmm… wonder what is different? 😉 I also love the fact that digital cameras have time and date stamps on them. I feel so spoiled that I am in the generation that I am. So, no stress that he’s almost one and I have nothing recorded. I’ll just go through the blog and cut and paste! Yeah!

Andy continues to be a joy and delight. He’s currently cutting his top two front teeth and is not the happiest camper. But, he’s still pretty pleasant all things considered. He adores Suzy and calls her name often. He chases her constantly. Just this week he has started to get a little jealous. So, we are entering a new domain here. A little redirection so far, and he’s good. He loves to snuggle and put his head on a pillow and smile at you real sheepishly. He loves his bed with his blankie, lovey, and (gasp…) bottle. Yes, I’m “that” mom. Oh well. He says Mooommmmm, Dada, ooeee, and some random means of the dogs names. I’m pretty sure he also says “Hi” and will repeat tones for just about everything we say to him. He’s pretty big. 21ish pounds and a little short. He loves the water and just getting into “stuff”. As Suzy likes to say, his middle name is trouble and he makes all kinds of mischeif. He thinks Katie is great and is happiest when there is lots going on. He will play independently for a long time and then chase you around the house when he needs a diaper change. In a one word summary, he’s still sugar.

He is starting to stand independently and look around like, “what next?” He tried to hold my hands at the Y pool today and take some steps. I knocked him down promplty. He’s not allowed to take his first steps while I’m in England. 😉 Soon, buddy. Just hang in there.
Like I mentioned, He’s into EVERYTHING. Loves toilet paper and dropping things in the toilet. I forsee some fun blogposts around this later. Until then, we have to be careful to keep the lid down. It’s weird. Suzy was never like this. We hardly babyproofed at all for her.
He still LOVES his dominos.
I’ve decided to make his birthday theme this year “Fats Domino”. How fun will that be? It should be easy to do a domino cake. I like oldies music and he loves to dance. It should be a lot of fun. I was teasing Rob that I should make his personal little domino cake the dirty diaper (blank on both sides with the black line in the middle). He didn’t think many people would get it. Suzy, however, overheard and is pretty insistant that she get the dirty diaper one. Goof ball. How can you not think of Fats Domino with this photo? If I do invitations, I’ll use this shot.
Love you, little man. I can not believe you will be a year old so soon…

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