>Fun and Games

>Suzy is at a great age right now for starting to play some games. Of course, being an OT, I want them to be all motory and educational. 😉 We found this Dr. Suess “I Can Do That” game at Target last week and we have been having a blast ever since. 🙂 It’s basically three different colored cards that kids pick out one of each color. One color has a motor plan (walk around the Trick-a-ma-stick), one has an object (with Mother’s new dress), and the last has a direction (under your chin). There are all kinds of objects from the Cat and the Hat book and the “Trick-a-ma-stick” is a flimsy little foam Hurdle. It was so flimsy, I made my own out of PVC pipe. That’s right, baby, the PVC Princess is at it again! Anyhow, it’s great fun, and even Little Man gets in on it! Here he is peeking under my modified Trick-a-ma-stick.

Here’s the first night with the flimsy Trick-a-ma-stick. Suzy is going 1. Under the Trick-a-ma-stick 2. with Mother’s new dress 3. on her belly.
Here she’s going over with the rake on her head.
If you are looking for some summer fun, I highly recommend it!

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  1. >Do you have Hullabaloo? It's SO much fun, educational, and the best part…. you don't have to take turns – everyone plays at the same time! Go get it, or borrow ours!

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