>ramblings and a radius wall

>My big brother, Jeremy, is doing some pretty cool things in the photography world. He’s also super creative and builds really cool things. I like to see what he does and then make really cheap, tacky knock offs. So, here’s my new “radius wall”. Jeremy’s is actually mounted with wood and such and a permanent fixture in his studio. Mine, well, I don’t have space for that right now in the hobbiest stage. So, I mounted mine on none other than PVC pipe and hung it from the ceiling in my playroom.

I set it up next to the window so I could use natural light during the day. Reconsidering, I should have maybe moved it over a bit to put some studio lights there for the evenings. A simple fix, just move the ceiling hooks. Of course, I never plan ANYTHING I make before I go forth. It’s what makes me so much fun. Right, honey? 😉
I thought I could just roll it up, but with the bolts drilled through to hold it to the cardboard tube that is around the pipe, I didn’t want to risk damaging the vinyl. So, I just clamped it up and tied it off. It’s just regular vinyl flooring found at Home Cheapo. I had some chain in the garage so I can move it up and down really easily with some S hooks.
I used left over paint from our bathroom to paint the back side of it white.
Voila! A “seamless” backdrop. There is one big crease coming from where the bolts attach the vinyl to the cardboard roll. However, I can adjust it pretty easily with the clamps. Also, if I simply roll it back a little so it falls straight, it’s not a huge deal. Over all, I’m pretty jazzed about it.
On a rambling note, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Here is one of Suzy’s “new dos”. I laughed when I saw Natalie with something similar on Amy Rose’s blog. Suzy simply handed me a gazillion bands and instructed me to use them all. I thought I was being creative. Suzy thinks it makes her look like her sweet friend, Katie. Her teacher thought it was adorable when I did again today for school.

Here are a few photos from Suzy playing with my old camera. She has quite the perspective.
I actually like this one of our sweet ol’ one eyed Kate! (Her left eye is a prosthesis.)
And simply because my social filter is not working today, I just had to post this. Suzy wanted to know why she couldn’t wear this “dress” to church on Sunday. I simply explained that it was Mommy’s dress up and wasn’t meant for church. Lol. I know there is one friend who was with me when I purchased this that will pee her pants at this photo. 😉
Happy Thursday! My sweet Rob gets to have lunch with the CEO of SmugMug tomorrow. So excited for him! However, we miss him since he’s been gone this week in LA and look forward to his return this weekend! Now, if I could just think of something to wear when he gets home….. 😉 Did I just ruin this for him? Lol.

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  1. Marion says:

    >I have that same Mommy dress 🙂 Merry Christmas to our husbands.

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