>More Moderated Mischief

>Here are some of our latest adventures into moderated mischief. My kids love to make messes. So, why not? I’ll stand by my theory of as long as it cleans up easily, go for it.

Suzy started out wanting to paint her feet and make foot prints on a roll of paper. I’m not sure she ever made the footprints. She did, however, enjoy painting the rest of her body.
Andy was more interested in detailing his car.
Then he got hot and decided the hose was a good thing.
Suzy loves the rainbows from the hose. Here she is trying to “catch” it.
Rob turned the hose on the swing and entertained Suzy for a very long time. She LOVED this.

The red paint started to wash out of her hair and dye her eyebrows. I think she looks like a Gatorade commercial.
Our good friends joined us last minute and we had even more fun. Katie was pretending to fly.
Uncle Andy was the spinner. I love our new swing. It’s like a merry go round when there are lots of kids over.
How do I handle a particularly stressful 4-6 pm when Andy didn’t nap?

I make it productive and make my children do manual labor. I taught them to shred paper.
Of course, to make it fun, I allowed them to then dump said paper all over the toy room.

Good fun was had by all.

Here’s Andy’s latest busy activity. He and Suzy are both loving the letters from Ramona, Rob’s godmother.
And just because I have no idea where my kids get their mischief……

I wouldn’t DARE of embarrassing the best man of our wedding…. 😉
We love you, Uncle Mike! You are a very good sport! (I conned him into taking this photo with a promise not to put it on facebook. Check.) On a side note, Suzy told me the other night that she was going to marry Uncle Mike because he needed someone very pretty. She said I was pretty enough but when I told her I was already in love with her daddy, she decided that she would have to marry him because she is as pretty as me. Ha! I figure I will have about 13 more years to do some eHarmony fraud with Heather, Mike’s sister…. 😛

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  1. hlw says:

    >About that eHarmony account…let's do it!

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