>Sweet "Puppy"

>This is my first “baby”. Sweet Nala found my friend, Jan, back in 1996. Jan and I worked together but did not know each other personally. She came to work and asked if anyone wanted a sweet stray. I was single and traveling a lot so I wasn’t sure I wanted the commitment. Her husband didn’t want the long term care of a dog. But, Nala had already found a home in the hearts of her and her children. So, we made a deal. We would dog share. I would take on all the responsibilities of dog ownership. Her family would provide free pup sitting on a regular basis. At one point, her then young daughter told her teacher, “I don’t really have a dog. But we share one.”

Well, fast forward 14 years…. She has completely stolen my heart and the hearts of many of our family and friends. She was even a therapy dog for me up in the Indiana schools. She’s not just any dog. She’s my buddy. My first baby.

And she’s aging. I will be a mess when something happens to her. Last week, she gave us a big scare and I was sure we would lose her within a few days. I emailed my sweet friend, Erin, with tears in my eyes. “Will you help me get a good photo of my Nala?” Without hesitation, she showed up the next night with camera in hand and we took Nala out on what I thought would be her last long walk. We fed her as many treats as she could eat. Erin got some amazing photos. You can see them here.

I got a few myself that aren’t half bad.

The light was gorgeous. It’s a great way to honor my sweet first little angel. Oddly enough, I think she is smart enough to know I was worried. She has since stopped pooping in my house and shaking so much. Silly Nala. I won’t do anything until I HAVE to. Then, dear blog readers, I will be a mess……

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  1. >Awww sweet Nala. <<>>

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