>Slow progress on a long road….

>So, Rob and I are back “on”. We are “Bringing IT!” Several of our friends have been getting great progress with P90X. So, we decided to give it a go. We are pretty serious for us. We have been getting up super early for almost a month now. We are also doing the Daily Burn on the iPhones and giving one another tons of encouragement. It’s working! Slowly, but it’s working. The best part about having my live in workout buddy is that we can motivate each other. There are weeks when my scale doesn’t budge and his is dropping. So, I get up to support him and his joy. Then, other weeks, he does the same for me. Granted, Rob has lost nearly 15 lbs to my 4, but… it’s still progress! We try and finish up before the kids wake up. Not an easy task. Here’s how Andy reacts to his parents doing “Wacky Jacks”. 😉

But turn your back for a moment, and he is into mischeif….
I delivered both babies at over 200 lbs. Yikes! I gained a ton of weight right after our wedding due to an illness that required lots of bed rest and prednizone. So, here I am after Andy at ….
I worked out like crazy and got some progesterone cream to help with the hormones and such and was able to shed another 15 lbs with a lot of YMCA time and minimal diet.
Here’s my “before” at 150 when I decided to start adding protein shakes to my diet since I couldn’t get enough protein on my Daily Burn.

Here I am now at 144. Only 6 lbs lighter, but definitely healthier and more toned up. I got married at 142. Rob promised me during our pre-wedding diet that we could go on a cruise for our honey moon if I got to 132.5. I’ve been able to con him up to 135, but the deal is still on. Hopefully, I will reach my goal of 135 by Christmas. It will take a lot of hard work, but with my great workout buddies, I’m determined this time! I’ll keep you posted…..

I get plenty of exercise other ways also…. I do enjoy having more energy with the kids.
Suzy gets her exercise with the swing.

Andy gets to nerd out with Daddy.
So, if I’m not posting as regularly, you now know it’s because I’m trying to sleep, exercise, and meal plan a little more. Not an easy task with two little ones. Something had to give. 😉

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