>Catching Up

>I’ve had lots of photos to blog and my organization is a mess for photos right now. I’m hoping to clean things up this weekend. Until then, here are a few more photos from July. I still need to do our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, but should be caught up after that. Yeah! Here we are on our way home from Oklahoma. We stopped to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Ed. Aunt Mary has the best garden and likes to give my kids treats. We love to stop there!

Suzy needed a “bandand”. She was a little confused that it didn’t have characters on it.
Andy gave me a flower that Suzy picked and enjoyed wearing my sunglasses.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Ed have a super nice park in their neighborhood.

Plus Aunt Mary made Kool-Aid. I confess, Suzy is almost five…. it was the first time she had red Kool-Aid. I have since broken down and there are some singles packets in my pantry. I think she had Kool-Aid one other time with our friends Ben and Will….

My heart smiles at this…. Two of my favorite boys. Rob’s “mini me”.
I also took the kids to their very first movie in the theatre. We did the kid show at the Alamo last minute. Can you guess what was playing?

Andy had a little trouble keeping the seat down. But both kids did great. I may even take them again sometime…
Since it was the first time, they each got their very own popcorn.

Suzy has also been loving her new swim goggles.
This is Andy “swimming”. He looks a bit like an aligator to me.
He insists on wearing his goggles. But this is his style. Rob says we should dress him up like “Dr. Horrible” for Halloween this year. Oh, and Suzy will be a bunny. Just so my small group is aware that I’m claiming that…. šŸ˜‰ Ha!

We love half price day at Kiddie Acres. Andy rode the airplanes over and over and over and…
Planes and trains.
Grammy is painting a mural on Andy’s wall like Suzy. His theme is Richard Scarey’s transportation.

Even toes are getting painted. Rob was mildly concerned. So, now we paint Andy’s toes blue. How can I resist that sweet, “I TOO!” Granted, Rob says I could paint Suzy’s toes while Andy naps. Where’s the fun in that?

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