>Port Aransas 2010

>We tried so hard to get a family photo. I believe over 150 were taken on my little gorilapod in the sand. I ran as fast as I could to get in the shot. Not one is “The One”. However, I do still love them all. It’s us at this moment. I even caught the true Rob for family photos. First, there is the pep talk. “PLEASE…. just smile quickly so this will be over soon. You know she won’t stop until we all smile….” I even caught his signature, *sigh*.
The wind was blowing like crazy and we had to wait forever for the slowest family of beach combers ever to get out of view. Seriously, there were only about ten families there this weekend. Could they not have sped it up a bit or gone elsewhere for a few moments? Ah…. patience. Although, I did toy with tossing out a few coins way down the beach to entice them.

I love how I captured Andy trying to disrobe me, Suzy wearing Rob’s shoes and glasses, sand in our eyes, and the wiping of goo off of Andy’s face due to the massive amount of bribery that was all for nothing.
Even though our family photo wasn’t what I planned, I still love them. I got a lot of other shots I really love too.
It was very windy. The clouds made for gorgeous light in the morning and evenings.
There is a family photo that Rob wanted me to replicate of his dad on his grandpa’s shoulders. Having never seen said photo, I did the best I could. Rob’s parents liked the results.
We played lots of “tag” in the surf.

My little dancing sweet heart.

Sweet Andy. Love the eye poke.
Andy is very into “Big Hug”s right now and full on mouth kisses. Such a sweet little guy. I love how he grabs my face and turns me towards him. And his little squeezy arms are beyond bliss.

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