>Date Night, Smith style

>I love our YMCA. Once a month each family can have a date night on a Friday from 4-8. They also have lots of family out nights on Saturdays. But, those are from 6-11 and, well, my kids are in bed by 7:00. Once a month, I stand in line with all the other desperate mommies and hope for a spot on a Free Family Friday. Tonight was our night. We usually make it an early dinner date and pick the kids up around 6:30 to make sure bed time isn’t too crazy for us. Two hours is a nice amount of time for a romantic dinner.

Tonight, I was “Daaateeed”. With a Capital, Gluten Free “D”. 😉 Rob and I went to Food For Life off of Cypress Creek and they cooked up one of their pre-made ready to take and bake meals for us. I had yummy enchiladas and Rob had the a Chicken Pot Pie. The entire store is Gluten Free and they have tons of pre-made stuff to take home as well. It was wonderful. Yes, it’s a little pricey. However, cooking Gluten Free isn’t exactly cheap at home either. And it wasn’t any more than a romantic dinner at the Olive Garden. It was quiet. The staff was wonderful, and I was able to have nice conversations with my sweet husband. He loves me enough to eat a Gluten Free Pot Pie on our date night.

Yup, he’s a keeper. Tomorrow, he’s even making his famous Saturday Dadderday pancakes with our new Gluten Free pancake mix. And I have bread for my favorite lunch, Peanut Butter and Jelly. On $8 bread. It will be a special Dadderday, indeed. Thank you, Sweet Rob, for spending our date budget on something so selfless. I love you!

And, if you are interested in Gluten Free and stuff, it’s very worth the trip. They also have lots of supliments that I’m becoming quite familiar with and the women who work there are moms who have lots of knowledge on all kinds of nutritional healing. They even have comunity stuff like the new fully accessible park that is coming soon to Round Rock. Yay!

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