>Smith Doings November 2010

>I hope when my kids look back on their childhood, this is what they remember. Pajamas all day. No big agendas. Free play in the yard. Together. Suzy has been making me “recipes” and “salads” with the flower petals in the front garden.

Rob gave me a special treat on Tuesday. My van detailed. This is the way to clean a car. Sitting in a rocker with popcorn. Ah, easy street. 😉
Suzy dress up Lennon.
Suzy wearing her “Mommy undies”. What???!! Ooooh…… “Mummy Undies.” Gotcha. I was a little concerned there for a while.
I want to save this photo for when Suzy is a teenager and says, “You never let me do ANYTHING!” Oh, yes, yes, I do. Most mothers would never allow this much freedom with rice play. Maybe some day she will believe I was a fun mom. I won’t hold my breath.

Andy’s new posed smile, “Cheese!”
“Hi Mom!”

Happy boy with his trains. A gift from Grammy and Pawpop from last Christmas.
Suzy has been obsessing over this dollhouse. I admit it’s pretty cute. Grammy and Pawpop are going to be in Seattle for her birthday, so she got it a little early. She was Sooooo excited!

I’m sure there will be more Mrs. Goodbee photos to come. Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for…

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