May Doings

My friend, Deb, sent me this video.  The kids and I laughed so hard, it inspired us to do these photos with our dogs.  I had to tech it up a bit to be more realistic for our family.

Which then inspired Suzy to do this with her bunnies.  I don’t think she understood the concept.  When I put the robe over her head, she said I was wrong because she couldn’t see.  Five is so funny.

And who is this you may ask?

It’s Andy.  But he decided to wear real clothes this day.

Rob was on call all of last week, which means really long hours and a solo gangrene hour (4-7 pm).  Andy still needs a nap, but seldom takes it.  Which makes for very long evenings.  So, I tried several ways to keep things upbeat for last week.  One night we did “Meals on Wheels” and ate our dinner in the wagon while I got a little exercise walking around the block.

We baked cookies.  I don’t have any “real” flour.  So, we had to borrow some from a neighbor.  I allowed Suzy to go fetch it solo for the first time.  She felt very grown up.  Granted, I called first and sat in my front yard, …. baby steps.

We returned some of his flour in the form of gluten filled chocolate chip cookies that I can not eat.  I believe it was a good deal for both of us.

I bought some more “uniforms” for Andy.  The above clothing photos were taken the day after I bought these.  Ha!  However, he’s still wearing McQueen the majority of the time.  It’s just not as big of a battle.  I still really don’t care what he wears and almost prefer the jammies myself.  It’s keeping him younger looking.  And he is still my baby…

We went to Morgan’s Wonderland again for my Mother’s Day gift from the family.  (That plus a fabulous DeWalt Compound Miter Saw… Score!!!)  I do love Morgan’s.

Sunday we had a Mother’s Day dinner with Rob’s mom and Dad, Grammy and Pawpop.  A wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend!

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