Garagae Sale Addiction

I’m addicted to garage sales.  It’s true.  I can’t help myself.  And when my neighborhood has the big sale, I get a little giddy.  Sad to admit, I sometimes even get too excited to sleep the night before.  Partly because my neighborhood has lots of kids that are older and better dressed than mine.  I seriously get the majority of Suzy’s dresses from garage sales.  And Grammy.  Grammy buys nice dresses also.  😉  I also get most of their toys, dress up clothes, books, and many other bargains like the bounce house and sport equipment.  This year wasn’t as big, but I was not disappointed.  My favorite house to stalk had this great Curious George Rain outfit.  Perfect?  I know….  I will further admit that this year I asked for her phone number so that I could try and score some pre-sale deals with this family.

And twirling dresses.  Lots of twirling dresses.  Beautiful, expensive twirling dresses.  For $2.  All of the dresses in the previous post also came from this sale.

Andy’s big score was a train table plus Thomas trains for $25.  One of my best buys ever.  He has played with it daily since we bought it.  For hours…..  From my $2/hour sitter calculation…. I have well made my money back.  (Marti Math…)

Yes, I am addicted to neighborhood garage sales.  I am passing this habit on to my children.  My husband rolls his eyes… but I am no where near seeking rehab yet…

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3 Responses to Garagae Sale Addiction

  1. Jennifer Gano says:

    Oh my gosh!! I must have that Curious George outfit!!! Carl NEEEEDS it!! 😉 I wonder where it was originally purchased? Could you ask your neighbor for me please?!!
    Jenn the Monkey Lover

  2. What great scores!!!! Look at Andy’s face! He’s sooooo happy. Super cute!!

  3. Marion says:

    Man those are some GREAT buys! Do you garage sale shop for other people? 🙂

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