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Still here

We are still here!  Between Rob’s wrist surgery, a growing puppy, a six year birthday tomorrow, big changes with my OT company, and photo shoots for good friends and church family, there’s been a lot of “hubub” around here.  Some … Continue reading

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Me and My Little Indian

Me and My Little Indian

I love this little boy. And I love this age. I told a friend of mine recently that Rob and I finally feel like our life is “Happy”. But I didn’t mean it hasn’t been happy all along. I would dare say we have been “happy” most of our marriage. But we’ve had some tough trials. So, I rephrased “happy” and said that our CIRCUMSTANCES were finally “happy.” Then, Rob reminded me that he’s going in for surgery on his wrist Tuesday and that our life could potentially be turned upside down. And we have some pretty heavy stuff going on with very near and dear people to us. He’s such a “realist”. I guess it’s just a gift that I can be surrounded by chaos and stop in a split moment and realize… I’m HAPPY NOW. Join me, won’t you?

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The Cat is Away….

Rob is at a late work function tonight.  So the mice and I are having a blast.  I eagerly anticipate what he will say when he either A. Sees this blog post, or B. happens to look in our toy … Continue reading

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LA for the Day

One of the benefits of speaking around the country is that every once in a while I get to go somewhere cool.  Trust me, that isn’t the norm.  But, do it for 10+ years and eventually the map will get … Continue reading

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Halloween 2011

Suzy wanted to be “the sky!~”  this year… hmmmmm…. I traced her body, gave her a blank canvas, and this is what she created.  I did help with a little of the blue.  It was a lot to ask of … Continue reading

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Sweet Berry Farms 2011

Suzy has been practicing her handwriting with a friend of hers for the past six weeks.  I’ve noticed a few little habits being formed and wanted to “nip” them as soon as possible before she really starts writing.  As a … Continue reading

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