My sweet friend, Erin, invited us to this really cool exhibit at the Long Center.  It’s a huge inflatable with different colors that allow in natural filtered light.  It’s meant more for reflection and serenity.  So, bringing a bunch of toddlers wasn’t “ideal”.  We still had a great time and I’m very grateful we had the group rate with my friend, Cheryl and a few of her friends.  Otherwise, the line was crazy long and there is no way it would have been as enjoyable.  I hope you enjoy a few of the photos from the inside of this interactive art.  🙂  It was fun to be challenged photographically with the tight corners and crazy lighting.  If I ever get time to edit a few of these, I think I may really like them.  Until then, please enjoy my raw images.

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One Response to Illuminations

  1. Deana Boggess says:

    Wow! This looks like a lot of fun! Is it still there?
    Thanks for posting all of the fun things you do!

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