Jan Doings

Jan has been a very busy month around here.  For the biggest time taker, I’ve written a new course with Rob.  We’ve decided to self market and just see how it goes.  Please tell your therapist friends or parents/caregivers to come and see me!  🙂

I am just so grateful for the time with my little ones together while they adore each other.  I do so pray that this lasts their entire lifetimes.  Such sweet friends.  They annoy each other at times.  But for the most part, I love that they are buddies.

A little homework time at the laundromat while our dryer was broken for about a month.  (Special thanks to Carolyn for drying countless loads for me between big laundromat trips.)

Andy and I took a little date downtown.

He liked to hide from the other walkers on the Congress bridge.

We concluded our outing with a lunch date with Rob at his new office.

I selfishly enjoy the days with just one kiddo.  We do some fun things.  We make applesauce.

We play with water beads.

We just hang around.  😉  I love this memory.

We made “wheels” for our Lightning McQueen party.  (Andy decided that was the plan one day.)

We made axels and had to color our wheels cool colors.

Finally, here’s a photo of the Tuxer Boo.  I will be shocked if he does not require back therapy later in life.  This dog is so loosey goosey.  Love him!

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One Response to Jan Doings

  1. Kim taylor says:

    Loved looking at your precious pictures!

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