Picture Me Imperfect

Picture Me Imperfect

I love this card that Suzy wrote for Andy this past Sunday.  We had Suzy’s big party on Saturday and that night he went to a gymnastics place for his little friend’s party.  My friend said I should have handed out Motrin as a party favor because by 3 pm on Sunday he was sick.  Suzy is so sweet she tried to chear him up with her birthday money.Image

By Monday morning, my little man was as happy as can be and very eager to “help” Suzy assemble some of her presents while she was at school.Image

Saturday night.  I had no idea he was sick.  Sigh….Image

Is it terrible that I actually really loved his sick snuggles?  I’m so grateful that it was short lived.  But part of me enjoyed the few hours of having my “baby” back.Image

I took the kids Kayaking last weekend and they loved it.  Suzy is getting pretty good at navigating on her own.  I did, however, make the mistake of allowing her to “wade” in the water and I now have an extra set of clothes for both kids in the car so that will hopefully be the last time they ride home in their birthday attire.  I was grateful to have the kayak in the van in case we got pulled over.Image

I scored a large quantity of all things Barbie at our neighborhood garage sale.  I am not a barbie fan.  I told Suzy I would allow her to purchase them on the off chance we saw some at the garage sales.  This was the first place we stopped and it was ALL for $50.  Sigh….Image

My failed Pinterest attempt to paint a swimsuit on Barbie to increase her modesty.  Rob and I laughed so hard at my new Victoria Secret Barbie.  I guess the idea of glitter polish wasn’t what they meant.  I tried….Image

I booked a trip with Cross Country for Halloween week.  It was sad to miss going out with the kids, but I did get to stop at one of my favorite places.  Bronner’s in the thumb area of Michigan.Image

Andy enjoying a PET wheelchair at a church Fall Fest.Image

Another benefit of being up north in October.  This was amazing.  I was up half the night with a huge sugar rush.  But it was well worth it.  Carmel apple with nuts and mini Recees Pieces.Image

Pippi giving the PET a try.Image

This is so my life right now.  My bathroom is a mess because even though we have four bathrooms in this house, it is the only one we use.  It’s easier and I’m lazy.  I promised Rob I will kick then out when Suzy is in highschool.  I love that Suzy got Andy dressed.  I am truly feeling very blessed by how much I love this stage of life we are currently in.Image

We made pupkin pinatas for Andy’s preschool Fall party.  We made an extra one in case it busted open too early and we were able to bring it home.  Suzy had to try it on after we broke it open.  Crazy kid.Image

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