Suzy’s Sweet Seven

A very big Thank You to Suzy’s Grandparents for her birthday gifts.  I can’t believe our little girl is already seven.  She is beginning to read a little more fluently and is an absolute delight to be around.  She was very excited about her gifts this year and it was fun to try and include the grandparents via telephone as she opened them.  I took a few photos so that you can see her excitement as well.  Mamaw and Dopadop, I did not get photos of her opening her money card.  But she was so excited about having a check made out in her own name that she buzzed around the house for a long time.  It was very precious.  Thank you for being in her life and making her feel so special and loved on her birthday.  We wish we lived closer. but I hope these photos help make you feel like a part of our day.  Sorry the photos are in reverse order…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWith me being in a car wreck just a few days prior, Aunt Ashley took the kids out to celebrate.  It was so fun having the extra kids over to add to the opening excitement.  Yes, the girls put a bit of makeup on their brothers.  And yes, I will definitely be keeping the photo of Andy with Barbie on file for future embarasement.  Thank you again, to all our friends and family who helped make this day special!

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