Why it takes 30 minutes for me to put away groceries

Pull into garage and open van door

Kids climb out and Suzy spills her peanut snack all over the floor

Help Suzy clean up peanuts and instruct her to feed the squirrel in the back yard

Bring in as much as I can carry

Realize there is Gluten all over the counter from breakfast

Grab rag to clean counters

Andy arrives with a Malted Milk Ball (treat for going in the potty)

Take Andy to Potty so he can eat said treat

Trim his nails while he’s getting re-diapered

Suzy needs floss

Get Suzy floss

Go clean countertops

Put away first bag of groceries

Take trash out on way to get new grocery load

Fend off kids as they grab into the bags because it’s lunch time

Give kids cheese to pacify them

End up making luch of marshmallows, cheese, yogurt, cereal, and milk instead of nice fruits, veggies, and sandwiches I just purchased beacause they simply can’t wait

Attempt to unload second bag of groceries

Clean up milk spill

Put away currentl load of groceries

Get last load from garage

Chase down dog that escaped as I was getting said last load

Bring in last load of groceries

Peel oranges from last bag for hungry toddlers that are now late for nap time

Finally put away last groceries

Wipe hands, faces, and counters.

Post this post because I find my life humerous.

Have a discussion with Suzy as I post about why the ring part of a ring pop candy is indeed, trash.

Attempt to make my own lunch…. maybe I should just wait until they are at rest time….  😉


1 Response to Why it takes 30 minutes for me to put away groceries

  1. Deana Boggess says:

    Way too funny! You are a momma for sure 🙂

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